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Latvia Pass

Explore Latvia by train with the flexibility of this great rail pass.

  • Travel on the national rail network of Latvia
  • Freedom to take multiple train journeys per travel day
  • Issued as a paper document
  • Your choice of 1st or 2nd class rail pass
  • Children under 12 travel free with an Adult
  • Discounted Youth (under 28) and Senior (60+) passes
  • Flexible: choose where you want to go, and when




The Latvia Pass, available in First and Second class, is the best companion to take on any Latvian rail adventure.

Having gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, Latvia joined the European Union in 2004 and has since become one of Europe’s most promising destinations. A patchwork quilt of woods, sea and lakes, Latvia is dominated by vast, pristine parkland with its capital Riga, a singular city blending Gothic and Art Deco architecture, taking centre stage on the coast.

What Latvia lacks in size, it more than makes up for in natural space, with ample opportunity to claim a slice of peaceful nature for yourself, whether it be for cycling, trekking, hiking or gentle reflection on a white sandy beach or a pine-dotted dune.

The country’s chequered history of facing invading powers means that Latvia’s has a wealth of cultural layers, with a population as varied as its beautiful landscape. The country prides itself on its artistic heritage, with myriad festivals taking place throughout the year.

The Eurail Latvia Pass gives you the ease and flexibility to explore the country’s many sights by train on the Pasažieru vilciens network. Whether you have city breaks in mind or a nature-filled getaway planned, a Eurail Latvia pass will get you there in comfort and with ease.

Eurail offers ferry connections between Latvia, Sweden and Germany at discounted prices.

The Eurail Latvia Pass comes with plenty of bonuses to make your trip even more memorable. Hotel discounts, reduced museum fares, and more are included with your pass. It also comes with a Eurail travel pack (travel map and user guide) to help you make the best use of your rail pass.

More than just trains

The Eurail Latvia Pass is packed with bonuses to make your trip even more enjoyable. You’ll get discounts on buses and trains, hotels, ferries and more.
With the Eurail Latvia Pass, the benefits are everywhere. Whether you are an adventurous traveller or avid planner, the Eurail Latvia Pass is your ticket to freedom and an unforgettable journey of discovery.

How does it work?

Rail Passes in 3 steps

1. Pick the right rail pass

Pick the right rail pass

Rail passes can be booked for travel in one specific country or you can choose one of a few pre-selected country/region combinations. Extensive travel plans? Try the Eurail Global Pass offering train travel in 33 different countries - including Great Britain.
Once you've selected your pass, its price will depend on the class of service selected, passenger type, and the number of rail travel days.

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2. Reserve your seats

Reserve your seats

Travelling on local and regional trains allows you to explore at will. Simply board with your rail pass and choose any open seat. Reservations are required on most high speed, overnight, scenic, and international trains. We recommend always checking your desired journey for any specific seat reservation requirements.

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3. Activate and travel

Activate and travel

Your rail pass requires that you activate it by getting it stamped at the ticket window at the departure station on the day of your first train journey. Once activated, you are all set and ready to explore.

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More than just trains

And the Latvia Pass is packed with bonuses to make your trip even more enjoyable. You'll get discounts on buses and trains or hotels or cruises or ferries or museums or activities, and more.
With the Latvia Pass, the benefits like the connections it provides - are everywhere. Whether you are an adventurous traveler or avid planner, the Latvia Pass is your pass to freedom and an unforgettable journey of discovery.

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