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Leipzig, a city of music

Leipzig, a city of music

Leipzig is located in eastern Germany, at the confluence of the rivers White Elster and Parthe. The city is the capital of Saxony, with history dating back to 1000 years. It is a city that has a rich musical tradition. Famous artists like Johann Sebastian Bach, Robert and Clara Schumann all worked.

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There are a lot of landmarks to visit when you are in town. A few of them not to be missed are the old city hall and the market place, the Moritz Bastion, the St Thomas Church, and the Monument to the Battle of the Nations.

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+/- 3 days for travel from bologna to leipzig, at leisure. My husband and I are looking to take +/- 3 days for travel from Bologna to Leipzig, at leisure. Are we able to hop off a train, tour a city and then hop back onto another train, and so on, until we reach Leipzig. Is this possible, what would (...)

Tracy Y. | 2017/08/24 answered | 4 Comments
My wife and i, both seniors, age 69/70yrs, will travel next july from kolding, denmark to dresden, prague, vienna, budapest and (...) 1. July 9th, 2015 from Kolding, Denmark to Dresden, Germany, stop for next 3 days. 2. July 13th, 2015 from Dresden, Germany to Prague, Czech Republik, stop for next 4 days. 3. July 18th, 2015 from Prague, Czech Republik to Vienna, Austria, stop (...)

Gudmundur R. | 2015/02/28 answered | 0 Comments
Leipzig to krakow How to get from Leipzig to Krakow using train. Hopefully leaving wednesday afternoon.

Hans H. | 2015/01/18 answered | 0 Comments
Germany and scandanavia 25 days 08/6 frankfurt to leipzig 10/6 leipzig to magdeburg 11/6 magdeburg to copenhagen 15/6 copenhagen to oslo 18/6 oslo -bergen -oslo 19/6 oslo to stockholm 22/6 stockholm to narvik 24/6 narvik to lulea 25/6 lulea to helsinki 27/6 helsinki to (...)

g. | 2014/11/07 answered | 2 Comments
Overnite train on saturday evening from paris to leipzig germany want to know if there is a overnight or late time on saturday evening from paris to leipzip Germany thanks Nellie

nellie m. | 2014/08/23 answered | 0 Comments

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