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Beziers, close to everything!

In the region of Languedoc-Roussillon, southern France, Béziers is the perfect destination for your future holidays. It is only 10 minutes by car from the Mediterranean sea and the city can boast about having a great cultural heritage.

About France

Beziers is above all known for the ferias. This event takes place in August. It is a festival mixing corridas, concerts and bustling moments for more than 1 million visitors each year! In Beziers, you can visit the roman arenas or the gothic style Saint Nazaire’s cathedral.

If you prefer nature, then chose to walk around the poets’ plateau which is an english park dating back from the 19th century’s. But Beziers and the whole region is also attractive thanks to its long history.

It gave the region numerous monuments that can be visited such as the City of Carcassonne, only 30 minutes away from here.

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How do we transfer from airport to fast train? Coming from United States to Paris and want to take the fast train to Beziers. How do we transfer from the airport to the train? Can you give logistics? We have luggage and don't speak the (...)

Kathleen R. | 2015/05/29 answered | 2 Comments
Need to go from neustadt/weinstr / germany to beziers/france need to travel from neustadt/weinstr /germany, to beziers south of france on10/12/2014 return by 16/12 2014. looking for best and fast connections

Jurgen L. | 2014/11/19 answered | 0 Comments
Cheapest way to get from dortmund (germany) to beziers (france) Hi, I really need to go from Dortmund (Germany) to Beziers (France) from the 08 or 09 August 2014 till 19. August 2014 (have to be in Dortmund on that day). How should I travel? I do not want to fly by plane as I am very scared of flying.. and (...)

Haydar B. | 2014/08/03 answered | 0 Comments
Cannot book for beziers to barcelona 22 sept 2014. please assist We received an email to say booking is open but cannot book.

Madeleine K. | 2014/07/02 answered | 0 Comments
I want to travel from barcelona to beziers, but it is saying there are no train journeys available? Are there less direct routes I can take that involve changing trains at certain stops, or are there some direct trains that I am unaware of? Thanks!

Charity W. | 2014/05/28 answered | 0 Comments

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    Great trip | Averil b. | 2015/08/19
    "1st class. Fabulous, efficiency and comfort. We were on the train for 4 hours and wanted to stay on the train longer. "

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    Excelent  | Amos b. | 2014/09/16
    "fascinating way to cover distance from one part of the country to another amazing. i am thrilled "

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    "Everything was superb! Thank you! Keep up the outstanding service. "

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    Vivier | Hester Beatrix v. | 2014/07/08
    "The staff were very friendly and helpfull. "

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    Menton to Nice | Michael h. | 2014/06/20
    "Booking through Rail Europe worked well as as SCNF website would not accept NZ credit card. The train was on schedule and comfortable, and very convenient for our itinerary. "

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    TGV from South of France | Graham b. | 2014/06/13
    "I've done this trip many times usually buying tickets online sncf French website ... often there's a problem with that website but usually I manage to get tickets. This time I reserved Paris to Beziers and return with your website in English, and I was really pleased to buy a couple of very reasonably priced 1st Class tickets for the 2 trips. The great things about getting 1st Class there's more room, it's nearer the cafeteria and I think it's generally quieter. NB: The date is correct for Beziers to Paris, not in the introduction though above. "

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    not so luxury | Peter l. | 2013/08/29
    "we have travelled on some other TGV. this one was second class. The carriage - business - was old "

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    Jussi | Juha s. | 2013/07/09
    "I travelled in first class,so the seat was very comfortable and drive very smooth and stable. Only food in restaurant was simple and poor. "

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    Great Trip | Shahab s. | 2013/07/04
    "Had a wonderful train travel which was punctual, helpful staff and comfortable. "

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    Carcasonne to Beziers | David s. | 2013/06/22
    "Very good service, trains are on time, clean and comfortable. Good bus service from the airport and taxis available outside. "

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