Discover the diversity and tradition of the British Isles in comfort and style. Rail Europe offer BritRail passes for unlimited rail travel in Britain and Ireland, giving you the choice of how you see the country. Travel across the UK for the first time on a voyage of discovery or visit old friends in familiar places.

Choose the Pass that suits you the best among the Rail Europe offer:

  • The BritRail Pass is designed for travel in England, Scotland and Wales
  • The BritRail England Pass is for travel on the railway network of England.
  • The BritRail London Plus Pass is for London and its immediate area
  • The BritRail Spirit of Scotland Pass gives you unlimited travel throughout Scotland!
  • The BritRail Central Scotland Pass allows you to visit the most famous landmarks in Scotland’s Central Belt...
    Moreover, the handy bonus system means that your pass brings you reduced prices on other additional transport services.

    BritRail Central Scotland Pass

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    This BritRail pass makes it easy for you to see what many people consider to be the most historical part of Scotland, including the city of Stirling and its William Wallace monument, the Fife Abbey and Dunfermline. It also gives you access to the magnificent natural beauty of the highlands. Taste the famous Scottish speciality of haggis, as well as tasty shortbread cakes. Visit the rejuvenated Glasgow, and traditional Edinburgh with its famous whisky museum.
    You can also plan day trips from these two key cities.

    The BritRail Central Scotland Pass provides unlimited rail travel between the main cities or stations of Scotland including Edinburgh, Glasgow or Dunblane and all intermediate stations.

    BritRail Pass

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    Take the opportunity to visit Great Britain in depth with Britrail and marvel at the diversity of the British way of life with all its different traditions, and different types of people living in close proximity thanks to BritRail.

    You can travel alone, with your family or a group of friends, and see the sights that have often remained unchanged over the centuries across England, Scotland and Wales. With BritRail you can tailor-make your journey on the railway network of Britain to suit your own agenda.

    BritRail England Pass

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    For those of you who wish to concentrate on England, home of the English country garden and the industrial revolution, the BritRail England Pass is the answer.

    The BritRail England Pass will allow you to discover the whole of England at your leisure, meaning that you can visit charming villages that are off the beaten track. There you will experience the sights, sounds and tastes of a more traditional England with its cricket and football matches, the joyous sound of the church bells ringing and afternoon tea. And who knows, you may well be invited to play football on the village pitch!

    BritRail London Plus Pass

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    The BritRail London Plus Pass is designed especially for those who choose to base themselves in London during their visit to Britain. London itself is still one of the most important cities in the world, with flourishing world trade centres, historical buildings and spacious parks.

    The area immediately outside of London is also full of many marvels: Shakespeare’s house, prestigious Universities, green countryside… Travel with this BritRail Pass and explore the area outside London.

    The BritRail London Plus pass is ideal for day trips to historical cities such as Oxford, Canterbury, Cambridge, Salisbury, Brighton, Bath and Stratford-Upon-Avon (William Shakespeare’s birthplace).

    BritRail Spirit of Scotland

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    The BritRail Spirit of Scotland Pass makes the whole of Scotland yours! Breathtaking landscapes, the magnificent cities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow, the beauty of the lochs, all this will be yours thanks to unlimited travel by railway, bus or ship.

    Drinking in a Scottish pub, or visiting a famous battle site, you will be one step closer to understanding the Scottish way of life and perhaps understanding the mysteries of the Scottish accent.


    Over and above all their inherent rail travel advantages, BritRail passes also bring you bonuses. This means that you benefit from specially negotiated discounts with other travel operators such as Heritage Railways, airport train services or Eurostar depending on the BritRail pass you choose

    For a full list of bonuses, you can refer to each BritRail page on our website. You will find all the details you need!


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