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Paris, the iconic capital of France

About France

Getting there You can get to Paris from Milan, Nice and Frankfurt. Best price and travel duration below.

From London 02:16 שח228
From Amsterdam 03:17 שח157
From Venice 13:58 שח358
From Milan 07:12 שח130
From Nice 05:39 שח90
From Frankfurt 03:49 שח130
From Berlin 11:01 שח286
From Barcelona 06:33 שח354
From Brussels 01:22 שח130
From Munich 06:06 שח175
From Zurich 04:03 שח336
From Avignon 02:41 שח112
From Geneva 03:10 שח291
From Lyon 02:00 שח112
From Marseille 03:08 שח112
From Basel 03:03 שח309
From Bordeaux 02:04 שח246
From Verona 12:40 שח358
From Cologne 03:15 שח157
From Brugge 02:26 שח130
From Toulouse 05:29 שח67
From Montpellier 03:21 שח112
From Monaco 06:08 שח510
From Bern 04:35 שח309
From Stuttgart 03:40 שח130
From Dijon 01:31 שח67
From Turin 05:47 שח130
From Luxembourg 02:09 שח90
From Hamburg 12:57 שח219
From Lille 01:01 שח67
From Rotterdam 02:37 שח210
From Ventimiglia 06:35 שח577
From Rennes 02:17 שח90
From Dusseldorf 03:47 שח157
From Lausanne 03:43 שח269
From Antwerp 02:02 שח184
From Aix En Provence Tgv 02:58 שח112
From Strasbourg 02:19 שח112
From Freiburg 04:09 שח264
From Rouen 01:14 שח45
From Padua 13:40 שח358
From Hanover 07:28 שח130
From Mannheim 03:09 שח157
From Mulhouse 02:41 שח90
From Karlsruhe 03:02 שח175
From Calais 01:32 שח67
From La Rochelle 03:17 שח112
From Aachen 02:36 שח157
From Tournus 03:59 שח242
From Morlaix 03:59 שח112
From Beziers 04:04 שח112
From Neuchatel (loc) 04:02 שח179
From Arras 00:50 שח67
From Arcachon 04:03 שח112
From Toulon 03:52 שח90
From Grenoble 02:59 שח112
From Lamballe 02:59 שח112
From Montlucon Localit 03:46 שח90
From Facture 03:47 שח300
From Chateau Thierry 00:51 שח72
From Agde 03:59 שח112
From Modane 04:04 שח134
From St Jean De Maurienne 03:51 שח233
From Lorient 03:59 שח112
From Brive 04:07 שח67
From Quimperle 04:24 שח273
From Agen 04:23 שח112
From Narbonne 04:21 שח90
From Miramas 04:26 שח322
From Les Arcs 04:27 שח90
From Evian Les Bains 04:30 שח380
From Hyeres 04:28 שח228
From Bardonecchia 04:28 שח157
From Essen 04:20 שח157
From Clermont Ferrand 02:59 שח67
From Folligny 02:59 שח197
From Sete 03:43 שח112
From Duisburg 04:06 שח157
From Lannion 04:09 שח398
From Thonon Les Bains 04:16 שח457
From Brest 04:20 שח112
From Landerneau 04:19 שח304
From Arles 04:06 שח201
From Annecy 03:43 שח90
From Riom 03:15 שח67
From Pornichet 03:14 שח134
From Vesoul 03:13 שח90
From Libourne 03:16 שח90
From Toury 00:52 שח67
From Longueil Ste Mari 00:52 שח58
From Saint-malo 03:17 שח112
From La Baule 03:13 שח112
From Orleans 00:55 שח45
From Vallorbe 03:06 שח269
From Nonancourt 00:56 שח72
From Aix Les Bains 03:03 שח90
From La Roche Sur Yon 03:07 שח112
From Limoges 03:02 שח67
From Sens 00:55 שח85
From St Brieuc 03:07 שח90
From Le Croisic 03:24 שח112
From Vannes 03:24 שח112
From Auray 03:38 שח134
From Redon 02:58 שח90
From Dax 04:33 שח90
From Vernon 00:51 שח63
From Uzerche 03:42 שח139
From Dol 03:00 שח112
From Montelimar 03:02 שח282
From Annemasse 03:37 שח470
From Lure 03:34 שח90
From Guingamp 03:28 שח112
From Le Pouliguen 03:27 שח134
From Corbigny 03:31 שח170
From Orange 03:31 שח282
From Les Sables D'olon 03:34 שח112
From Chagny 03:33 שח215
From Plouaret 03:43 שח134
From Oulx 04:40 שח130
From Bourg St Maurice 09:10 שח90
From Foix 09:09 שח157
From Cluses 09:09 שח90
From Veynes 09:07 שח242
From Argeles Sur Mer 09:24 שח260
From Salechan Siradan 09:25 שח604
From Marignac St Beat 09:34 שח654
From Collioure 09:32 שח260
From Sallanches 09:27 שח90
From Landry 09:00 שח90
From Aime La Plagne 08:50 שח90
From Albertville 07:46 שח90
From Cransac 07:40 שח210
From Crest 07:33 שח197
From St Christophe 07:54 שח304
From Boussens 08:16 שח506
From Montrejeau 08:46 שח654
From Moutiers 08:27 שח90
From Rodez 08:20 שח251
From Port Vendres 09:37 שח260
From St Gervais Les Bains 09:38 שח90
From Brescia 11:57 שח492
From Briancon 11:08 שח161
From Latour De Carol 11:02 שח157
From Champagne-ardenne 00:39 שח67
From Clermont De Lois 00:36 שח54
From Villers St Paul 00:34 שח45
From Moscow 37:48 שח1,580
From Creil 00:25 שח40
From Vicenza 13:18 שח358
From L'hospitalet Pres 10:32 שח313
From Embrun 10:18 שח161
From Goettingen 09:52 שח219
From Banyuls Sur Mer 09:44 שח260
From Gap 09:39 שח161
From Cerbere 09:53 שח90
From Chorges 09:57 שח260
From Merens Les Vals 10:16 שח255
From Luchon 10:02 שח506
From Ax Les Thermes 10:01 שח228
From Decazeville 07:31 שח349
From Carcassonne 07:27 שח90
From Cahors 05:19 שח67
From Antibes 05:19 שח90
From Cannes 05:08 שח157
From Bayonne 05:08 שח90
From Biarritz 05:20 שח90
From Pau 05:26 שח90
From Augsburg 05:38 שח175
From St Jean De Luz 05:34 שח90
From St Just En Chauss 00:47 שח63
From Orthez 05:06 שח201
From Montauban 05:01 שח112
From St Amand Montrond 02:56 שח184
From Quimper 04:36 שח134
From Souillac 04:35 שח67
From Rosporden 04:41 שח166
From St Raphael 04:42 שח90
From Perpignan 04:57 שח90
From Ulm 04:52 שח130
From Gourdon 04:52 שח201
From Vendome 00:46 שח67
From Caussade T Et G 05:47 שח224
From Assier 06:44 שח184
From Vercelli 06:42 שח210
From Reims 00:39 שח67
From Novara 06:55 שח210
From Figeac 07:03 שח90
From Compiegne 00:39 שח63
From Capdenac 07:12 שח273
From Castelnaudary 07:07 שח291
From Gramat 06:30 שח184
From Rocamadour 06:21 שח184
From Lourdes 05:53 שח90
From Hendaye 05:48 שח161
From Maintenon 00:46 שח54
From St Denis Pres Martel 06:05 שח184
From Dreux 00:45 שח63
From Menton (localite) 06:21 שח577
From Tarbes 06:18 שח90
From Bornel Belle Egli 00:40 שח40
From Villeneuve La Guy 00:48 שח67
From Nimes 02:53 שח112
From Yvetot 01:39 שח45
From Nogent Le Rotrou 01:39 שח107
From Forbach 01:39 שח192
From Angers 01:38 שח90
From Argentan 01:40 שח67
From Poitiers 01:40 שח90
From Laval 01:43 שח90
From Amboise 01:43 שח67
From Dunkerque 01:42 שח67
From Surdon 01:37 שח130
From Auxerre St Gervais 01:36 שח125
From Laon 01:28 שח103
From Briare 01:28 שח121
From Bernay 01:28 שח76
From Nancy 01:28 שח90
From Montbard 01:00 שח67
From Macon 01:33 שח90
From Tourcoing 01:32 שח116
From St Florentin 01:31 שח121
From Serquigny 01:43 שח112
From Tonnerre 01:43 שח134
From Vendeuvre Local 01:50 שח67
From Charleville 01:50 שח72
From Valenciennes 01:48 שח67
From Chateauroux 01:51 שח67
From Cravant 01:51 שח130
From La Ferte-bernard 01:52 שח121
From Ashford 01:52 שח228
From Vincelles 01:51 שח130
From Saarbrucken 01:48 שח130
From Issoudun 01:48 שח94
From Lisieux 01:46 שח85
From Futuroscope 01:45 שח121
From Cosne 01:44 שח67
From Abbeville 01:47 שח45
From Aulnoye 01:47 שח67
From Hazebrouck 01:48 שח67
From Bar Le Duc 01:48 שח67
From Thionville 01:47 שח90
From Salbris 01:27 שח125
From Roubaix 01:27 שח157
From Courville Sur Eur 01:13 שח76
From Val De Reuil 01:12 שח45
From Joigny 01:12 שח103
From Romilly 01:11 שח98
From L'aigle 01:13 שח45
From St Quentin 01:13 שח45
From Chauny 01:15 שח94
From Bonneval 01:15 שח90
From Tours 01:14 שח67
From Lens 01:11 שח67
From Douai 01:10 שח67
From Verneuil Sur Avre 01:02 שח45
From St Pierre Des Corps 01:01 שח67
From Evreux 01:01 שח54
From Chalons En Champagne 01:04 שח67
From Soissons 01:04 שח81
From Beauvais 01:10 שח63
From Nogent Sur Vernis 01:09 שח98
From Amiens 01:06 שח45
From Anizy Pinon 01:16 שח94
From Epernay 01:16 שח103
From Metz 01:24 שח90
From Conches 01:23 שח94
From Chatellerault 01:23 שח90
From Vierzon 01:24 שח67
From Bethune 01:25 שח67
From Troyes 01:26 שח45
From Chateaudun 01:26 שח98
From Blois 01:25 שח45
From Vitry Le Francois 01:22 שח67
From Tergnier 01:22 שח98
From Gien 01:21 שח45
From Laroche 01:20 שח112
From Sable 01:19 שח90
From Le Creusot Mo Tgv 01:21 שח90
From Mons 01:21 שח125
From Chartres 01:01 שח67
From Rethel 01:21 שח121
From Oissel 01:21 שח45
From Tracy Sancerre 01:52 שח139
From Breaute Beuzevill 01:53 שח85
From St Die 02:25 שח295
From Namur 02:24 שח179
From Angouleme 02:24 שח90
From Vire 02:23 שח67
From Le Mans 00:58 שח90
From Moulins 02:26 שח67
From La Souterraine 02:30 שח116
From Chalon Sur Saone 02:28 שח107
From Kaiserslautern 02:27 שח130
From Sermizelles Vezelay 02:21 שח143
From Etaples 02:21 שח67
From Argenton Sur Creuse 02:17 שח157
From St Dizier 02:16 שח157
From Montbeliard 02:16 שח139
From Epinal 02:18 שח134
From St Maixent Deux Sevr 02:18 שח148
From Sarrebourg 02:19 שח376
From Nurieux 02:19 שח331
From Chatel Censoir 02:19 שח143
From Niort 02:31 שח90
From Avallon 02:36 שח152
From St Etienne 02:51 שח112
From Frasne 02:51 שח175
From Colmar 02:51 שח134
From Chambery 02:52 שח90
From Vichy 02:52 שח67
From Surgeres 02:55 שח134
From St Nazaire 02:55 שח112
From Gaillon Aubevoye 01:01 שח67
From Culmont Chalindre 02:48 שח67
From Langres 02:47 שח67
From Villedieu Poules 02:38 שח67
From Chantilly 00:23 שח40
From Clamecy 02:37 שח152
From Remiremont 02:40 שח134
From Nogent 00:57 שח45
From Selestat 02:43 שח269
From Bellegarde 02:42 שח148
From Ostend 02:41 שח184
From Granville 02:56 שח67
From Montargis 00:58 שח90
From La Charite 02:02 שח67
From Ghent 02:02 שח130
From Vermenton 02:01 שח134
From Vitre 02:03 שח148
From Bar Sur Aube 02:04 שח81
From Ebbsfleet International 02:05 שח300
From Bourges 02:04 שח67
From Noyon 00:59 שח81
From Meuse Tgv 01:00 שח67
From Boulogne 02:00 שח67
From Briouze 01:56 שח152
From Luneville 01:55 שח282
From Charleroi 01:54 שח134
From Nevers 01:56 שח67
From Pont L'eveque 01:56 שח143
From Noyelles 01:59 שח85
From Saverne 01:58 שח134
From Maubeuge 01:58 שח67
From Besançon 02:16 שח90
From Cambrai 02:06 שח143
From Rang Du Fliers 02:13 שח67
From Nantes 02:13 שח90
From Les Laumes Alesia 02:13 שח166
From Ruffec 02:13 שח90
From Sedan 02:13 שח130
From Belfort 02:16 שח90
From Valence 02:13 שח112
From Chaumont 02:13 שח67
From Caen 02:13 שח103
From Liege 02:08 שח130
From Dole 02:07 שח90
From Flers 02:06 שח90
From Bourg En Bresse 01:54 שח228
From Rue 02:08 שח85
From Le Havre 02:10 שח67
From Longueau 00:59 שח45
From Beaune 02:09 שח67
From Lyon St Exupery Airport 01:54 שח112
From Les Aubrais Orleans 00:55 שח45
From Belfort-montbeliard Tgv 02:16 שח139

Getting around From Paris, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Orry La Ville Coy 00:22 שח40
To Chantilly 00:27 שח40
To Creil 00:36 שח40
To Villers St Paul 00:37 שח45
To Bornel Belle Egli 00:44 שח40
To Arras 00:51 שח67
To Meuse Tgv 01:00 שח90
To Nogent 01:04 שח45
To Montargis 01:06 שח90
To Villeneuve La Guy 01:08 שח67
To Compiegne 01:10 שח67
To Nogent Sur Vernis 01:18 שח98
To Lille 01:18 שח67
To Romilly 01:19 שח45
To Epernay 01:21 שח103
To Bernay 01:22 שח45
To Soissons 01:24 שח76
To Le Creusot Mo Tgv 01:24 שח90
To Sens 01:29 שח85
To Gien 01:30 שח45
To Anizy Pinon 01:36 שח94
To Briare 01:38 שח121
To Lisieux 01:40 שח67
To Troyes 01:43 שח45
To St Quentin 01:44 שח45
To Serquigny 01:45 שח112
To Futuroscope 01:45 שח121
To Chalons En Champagne 01:51 שח67
To Vendeuvre Local 01:54 שח90
To Cosne 01:54 שח67
To Ashford 01:54 שח291
To Tracy Sancerre 02:00 שח139
To Lyon St Exupery Airport 02:01 שח112
To Poitiers 02:03 שח90
To Ebbsfleet International 02:05 שח228
To Les Aubrais Orleans 02:06 שח45
To Evreux 02:06 שח45
To Orleans 02:06 שח45
To Caen 02:07 שח67
To Bar Sur Aube 02:09 שח67
To Oissel 02:10 שח45
To La Charite 02:13 שח67
To Joigny 02:16 שח103
To Val De Reuil 02:16 שח45
To Laroche 02:24 שח112
To London 02:26 שח228
To Bayeux 02:30 שח67
To Gaillon Aubevoye 02:30 שח67
To Nevers 02:34 שח67
To Rouen 02:36 שח45
To Champagne 02:43 שח134
To Hazebrouck 02:45 שח67
To Lison 02:46 שח67
To Courville Sur Eur 02:56 שח76
To Longueau 02:59 שח45
To Nogent Le Rotrou 03:00 שח103
To Yvetot 03:02 שח45
To Douai 03:04 שח67
To Strasbourg 03:06 שח134
To Vernon 03:07 שח58
To Clermont De Lois 03:09 שח54
To Maintenon 03:12 שח54
To Trouville 03:12 שח103
To Dijon 03:13 שח67
To Longueil Ste Mari 03:14 שח58
To Vendome 03:16 שח67
To Nantes 03:17 שח90
To Chartres 03:17 שח67
To St Just En Chauss 03:18 שח63
To Nonancourt 03:19 שח72
To Lens 03:24 שח67
To Noyon 03:24 שח81
To Beauvais 03:24 שח58
To Toury 03:25 שח67
To Brussels 03:27 שח130
To Conches 03:27 שח63
To Carentan 03:31 שח67
To Rethel 03:32 שח134
To Roubaix 03:32 שח76
To Beaugency 03:36 שח72
To Tourcoing 03:36 שח81
To Verneuil Sur Avre 03:37 שח45
To Vesoul 03:39 שח90
To Tours 03:41 שח67
To Valence 03:41 שח112
To Bonneval 03:42 שח90
To Valognes 03:46 שח90
To Redon 03:49 שח125
To L'aigle 03:52 שח45
To Chateaudun 03:52 שח98
To Reims 03:53 שח67
To Champagne-ardenne 03:53 שח67
To La Ferte-bernard 03:53 שח116
To Antwerp 03:55 שח130
To Maubeuge 03:56 שח67
To Boulogne 03:57 שח67
To Luneville 03:58 שח166
To Briouze 03:58 שח121
To Angers 03:59 שח90
To Cherbourg 04:02 שח90
To Vitry Le Francois 04:02 שח67
To Pont L'eveque 04:04 שח94
To Le Mans 04:04 שח67
To Onzain 04:04 שח90
To Thionville 04:05 שח125
To Chatellerault 04:05 שח112
To Bethune 04:05 שח67
To Tergnier 04:05 שח98
To Charleville 04:06 שח72
To Valenciennes 04:08 שח67
To Breaute Beuzevill 04:08 שח67
To Salbris 04:10 שח85
To Nurieux 04:11 שח188
To Flers 04:11 שח67
To Cambrai 04:12 שח94
To Vitre 04:14 שח148
To Chauny 04:14 שח90
To Amboise 04:14 שח67
To Ghent 04:15 שח130
To Laon 04:16 שח103
To Sedan 04:16 שח85
To Bourges 04:16 שח67
To Surdon 04:19 שח125
To Aulnoye 04:19 שח67
To St Nazaire 04:19 שח112
To Sable 04:19 שח166
To Amiens 04:20 שח45
To Le Havre 04:23 שח67
To St Florentin 04:24 שח121
To Forbach 04:25 שח112
To Angouleme 04:25 שח90
To Chaumont 04:26 שח67
To St Dizier 04:26 שח94
To Vire 04:27 שח67
To Mer Loir Et Cher 04:27 שח112
To St Pierre Des Corps 04:27 שח67
To St Brieuc 04:28 שח90
To Rennes 04:28 שח90
To Marseille 04:30 שח112
To Argentan 04:31 שח67
To Vermenton 04:36 שח134
To Dunkerque 04:37 שח67
To Tonnerre 04:37 שח134
To Mons 04:38 שח112
To Luxembourg 04:39 שח157
To Dieppe 04:40 שח94
To Ruffec 04:40 שח175
To Villedieu Poules 04:42 שח67
To Aix-en-provence 04:42 שח345
To Abbeville 04:42 שח45
To La Baule 04:43 שח112
To La Roche Sur Yon 04:43 שח134
To Montlucon Localit 04:44 שח143
To Issoudun 04:44 שח67
To Sarrebourg 04:44 שח192
To Blois 04:46 שח45
To Bar Le Duc 04:46 שח67
To Metz 04:47 שח90
To Epinal 04:47 שח134
To Vierzon 04:48 שח67
To Selestat 04:48 שח184
To Surgeres 04:50 שח112
To Vincelles 04:50 שח130
To Annemasse 04:50 שח260
To Besançon 04:50 שח90
To Le Croisic 04:54 שח112
To Colmar 04:54 שח125
To Auxerre St Gervais 04:55 שח121
To Cravant 04:56 שח130
To St Maixent Deux Sevr 04:57 שח166
To Sermizelles Vezelay 04:57 שח143
To Chalon Sur Saone 04:58 שח67
To Mulhouse 05:03 שח90
To Lamballe 05:03 שח125
To Granville 05:03 שח67
To Montbard 05:03 שח67
To St Die 05:05 שח219
To Saverne 05:05 שח134
To Laval 05:05 שח90
To Ostend 05:06 שח130
To Dol 05:07 שח134
To St Amand Montrond 05:08 שח121
To Niort 05:10 שח112
To Avallon 05:10 שח148
To Vichy 05:10 שח67
To Moulins 05:11 שח67
To Auray 05:12 שח130
To Charleroi 05:12 שח112
To Les Laumes Alesia 05:12 שח161
To Quimperle 05:12 שח152
To Dole 05:14 שח107
To Vannes 05:14 שח112
To Kaiserslautern 05:15 שח130
To Avignon 05:15 שח112
To Nancy 05:15 שח90
To Rotterdam 05:16 שח157
To Langres 05:17 שח67
To Rang Du Fliers 05:18 שח67
To Chatel Censoir 05:18 שח139
To Aachen 05:19 שח157
To Argenton Sur Creuse 05:20 שח94
To Remiremont 05:20 שח134
To Beaune 05:21 שח67
To Lyon 05:21 שח112
To Basel 05:22 שח116
To Chateauroux 05:23 שח67
To Saint-malo 05:24 שח134
To Plouaret 05:25 שח157
To Brugge 05:27 שח130
To Montpellier 05:27 שח112
To Culmont Chalindre 05:27 שח67
To Mouchard 05:27 שח161
To Libourne 05:28 שח166
To Guingamp 05:28 שח112
To Rosporden 05:28 שח228
To Pornichet 05:28 שח125
To Etaples 05:29 שח67
To Corbigny 05:30 שח170
To Frasne 05:31 שח188
To Riom 05:32 שח67
To Cognac 05:33 שח304
To St Lo 05:33 שח130
To Clamecy 05:35 שח148
To Vallorbe 05:36 שח233
To Thonon Les Bains 05:36 שח130
To Pontarlier 05:36 שח233
To Uzerche 05:41 שח175
To Clermont Ferrand 05:42 שח67
To Lure 05:43 שח90
To Amsterdam 05:44 שח157
To Namur 05:45 שח112
To Calais 05:46 שח67
To Morlaix 05:49 שח112
To Sete 05:50 שח157
To Les Sables D'olon 05:52 שח134
To Lorient 05:52 שח134
To Folligny 05:57 שח130
To Brest 06:01 שח112
To La Rochelle 06:03 שח134
To Agde 06:05 שח152
To Limoges 06:05 שח67
To Arcachon 06:10 שח130
To Lannion 06:10 שח184
To Quimper 06:13 שח134
To Altkirch 06:14 שח206
To Miramas 06:17 שח157
To Vercelli 06:17 שח372
To Macon 06:18 שח90
To Montbeliard 06:18 שח139
To Belfort-montbeliard Tgv 06:18 שח90
To Belfort 06:18 שח90
To Beziers 06:20 שח170
To Saarbrucken 06:20 שח130
To La Souterraine 06:25 שח67
To Neuchatel (loc) 06:25 שח179
To Karlsruhe 06:25 שח175
To Brive 06:28 שח67
To Bardonecchia 06:28 שח210
To Montreux 06:29 שח389
To St Etienne 06:30 שח112
To Novara 06:32 שח210
To Landerneau 06:35 שח300
To Oulx 06:38 שח157
To Aix Les Bains 06:41 שח103
To St Denis Pres Martel 06:48 שח291
To Albertville 06:50 שח90
To Aix En Provence Tgv 06:53 שח112
To Liege 07:02 שח130
To Lausanne 07:04 שח269
To Bourg En Bresse 07:06 שח143
To Freiburg 07:10 שח372
To Martigny 07:13 שח331
To Bern 07:15 שח309
To Cologne 07:24 שח157
To Barcelona 07:24 שח354
To Bellegarde 07:28 שח148
To Agen 07:31 שח179
To Grenoble 07:32 שח112
To Turin 07:33 שח157
To Visp 07:34 שח421
To Montelimar 07:34 שח148
To Brig 07:38 שח551
To Annecy 07:39 שח90
To Frankfurt 07:40 שח157
To Sion 07:42 שח398
To Ulm 07:44 שח291
To Moutiers 07:45 שח90
To Mannheim 07:51 שח175
To Sierre/siders 07:53 שח519
To Geneva 07:53 שח242
To Chur 07:55 שח564
To Interlaken 07:56 שח345
To Montauban 07:59 שח179
To Aime La Plagne 08:07 שח90
To Orange 08:09 שח148
To Landry 08:17 שח90
To Chambery 08:20 שח90
To Rocamadour 08:21 שח179
To Zurich 08:22 שח282
To Gramat 08:28 שח184
To Bourg St Maurice 08:28 שח90
To Duisburg 08:34 שח157
To Assier 08:40 שח184
To Dusseldorf 08:44 שח157
To Stuttgart 08:45 שח175
To Essen 08:47 שח157
To Arles 08:51 שח157
To Modane 08:54 שח134
To Veynes 08:58 שח291
To Nimes 09:01 שח112
To Narbonne 09:05 שח90
To Cluses 09:08 שח90
To Hanover 09:15 שח264
To Decazeville 09:19 שח152
To Toulon 09:23 שח157
To Sallanches 09:24 שח90
To Gap 09:27 שח90
To Cransac 09:29 שח273
To Salechan Siradan 09:32 שח654
To St Gervais Les Bains 09:33 שח90
To Dax 09:36 שח90
To Toulouse 09:40 שח134
To Chorges 09:47 שח322
To Milan 10:01 שח157
To Cahors 10:05 שח215
To Boussens 10:06 שח331
To Lourdes 10:07 שח90
To Rodez 10:10 שח90
To Castelnaudary 10:14 שח201
To Innsbruck 10:16 שח810
To Tarbes 10:25 שח90
To Goettingen 10:25 שח398
To Perpignan 10:26 שח90
To Augsburg 10:28 שח130
To Montdauphin Guill 10:29 שח90
To Gourdon 10:32 שח201
To Carcassonne 10:35 שח161
To Bordeaux 10:38 שח201
To St Raphael 10:45 שח157
To Souillac 10:48 שח197
To Montrejeau 11:00 שח264
To Madrid 11:03 שח828
To Munich 11:05 שח130
To Briancon 11:08 שח90
To Brescia 11:11 שח358
To Girona 11:17 שח295
To Banyuls Sur Mer 11:18 שח407
To Argeles Sur Mer 11:19 שח358
To Hyeres 11:21 שח192
To Marignac St Beat 11:22 שח354
To Foix 11:24 שח90
To Collioure 11:24 שח228
To Les Arcs 11:26 שח192
To Crest 11:31 שח242
To Cerbere 11:44 שח90
To Bayonne 11:44 שח90
To Orthez 11:45 שח130
To Luchon 11:50 שח358
To Carmaux 11:59 שח394
To St Jean De Luz 12:07 שח90
To Ax Les Thermes 12:08 שח170
To Cannes 12:12 שח157
To Pau 12:12 שח90
To Piacenza 12:19 שח282
To Nice 12:19 שח157
To Hendaye 12:20 שח90
To Merens Les Vals 12:23 שח354
To Antibes 12:23 שח157
To Hamburg 12:31 שח309
To Figeac 12:39 שח90
To Vicenza 12:44 שח358
To Berlin 13:10 שח130
To Latour De Carol 13:13 שח90
To Biarritz 13:15 שח90
To Verona 13:28 שח251
To Bologna 13:39 שח336
To Monaco 13:53 שח170
To Florence 13:56 שח354
To Menton (localite) 14:11 שח215
To Padua 14:13 שח309
To Venice 14:41 שח322
To Rome 15:14 שח479

While you're there

Paris, the capital of France

One of the world’s greatest cities, Paris! The capital of France is also known as the City of Light. This enchanting city, at the crossroads of cultures, is the capital of fashion and home to world highlights such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Avenue des Champs Elysées, to name but a few. In terms of architectural beauty, art history, events, gastronomy and sheer extravagance, Paris is a milestone ahead of any other city on earth. Paris has one of the world’s most extensive public transport systems. You can take a taxi if you are not much of an adventurer, but that would be a pity! Metro (subway or underground), buses and city bicycles are much more fun and are very easy to use, even for beginners.

Starting from the Paris-Gare du Nord station, stop at Metro La Bastille, the birthplace of the French revolution, in the Marais quarter. This is the liveliest spot of Paris. Next go to the Latin quarter (Metro St Michel), where the lively atmosphere, cafés, bistros and restaurants will no doubt delight you. Continue to the Ile de la Cité, the place where Paris was born, which is a tiny island on the Seine River. On the island, you’ll enjoy the magnificence of the Notre Dame Cathedral. Not far from Notre Dame, is the world’s largest museum – the Louvre Museum. There are several landmarks to visit in the vicinity: the Georges Pompidou Centre which is home to modern art, the beautiful Jardin des Tuileries, and the Palais Royal. Walking along the Rue de Rivoli, towards the Place Concorde, you’ll reach Avenue des Champs Elysées. On another day, visit Montmartre, a gastronomical and cultural area with an authentic Parisian charm. There is a romantic atmosphere, legendary cabarets, music halls, theatres and streets full of history. Don’t miss the Sacré-Coeur Basilica which offers a fantastic panoramic view over the city of Paris. At night discover the French and Parisian icon - the Eiffel Tower.

Paris has a wealth of restaurants serving specialities from every corner of the world. However you don’t come to this amazing city without having a morning croissant, lunch in a neighbourhood bistro or dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurants if you wish to have a treat.

Head to the legendary Galeries Lafayette. The department store, created in 1894, has constantly reflected the styles of the times through a sophisticated selection of brands, ranging from the most prestigious to the most affordable.

Paris Tourist Office
25 rue des Pyramides. 75001 Paris
Tel : +33 (0)1 49 52 42 63

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Our recommended Travel Extras

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Paris can be found.

While trains are the convenient way to travel in Europe, planes are essential for bringing you from overseas. Major European cities are annexed to airports hubs, while important cities or towns are served by regional airports. Paris is annexed to France.

Paris railway station(s)

Paris Austerlitz Train Station

Paris Austerlitz Train Station

Address: 85, quai d'Austerlitz 75013 Paris

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 4:30am to 1am
Saturday and Sunday: 4:30am to 1am

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV), Regional trains (TER, Corail), Intercity trains, Night trains (Elipsos)
SNCF rail agents, Ticket vending machine, Currency Exchange, Wheelchairs and boarding ramps, Lost and found, Police station, Tourist Information Point, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, ATM and Phone cabins.

Learn more

Paris Gare de l’Est Train Station

Paris Gare de l'Est Train Station

Address: Place du 11 novembre 1918 75475 Paris

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 5am to 1am
Saturday and Sunday: 5am to 1am
Public holidays: 5am to 1am

Trains operating in and from this station:
High Speed trains and Regional trains
SNCF rail agents, Assistance for disabled persons, Car Parking, Lockers, Wheelchairs and boarding ramps, Business lounges & waiting rooms, Lost and found, Tourist Information Point, Places to eat in the station, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, ATM and Phone cabins.

Learn more

Paris Gare de Lyon Train Station

Paris Gare de Lyon Train Station

Address: Place Louis Armand 75571 Paris cedex 12

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 5:45am to 9:45pm
Saturday and Sunday: 5:45am to 9:45pm

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV), Regional trains (TER, Corail)
SNCF rail agents, Car Parking, Currency exchange, Ticket Office, Assistance for disabled, Lockers, Lounge, Lost and found, Tourist Information Point, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, ATM and Phone cabins.

Learn more

Paris Gare Montparnasse Train Station

Paris Gare Montparnasse Train Station

Address: 17, Boulevard de Vaugiraud 75741 Paris cedex 15

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 4:30am to 1:30am
Saturday and Sunday: 4:30am to 1:30am

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV), Regional trains (TER), Intercity trains
SNCF rail agents, Disabled Facilities, Wheelchairs and boarding ramps, Business Lounge and Waiting Rooms, Lost and found, Places to eat in the station, Currency exchange, Tourist Information Point, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, ATM and Phone cabins.

Learn more

Paris Gare du Nord Train Station

Paris Gare du Nord Train Station

Address: 112, rue de Maubeuge 75010 Paris

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 4:30 am to 1am

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV, Eurostar, and Thalys), Regional trains, Intercity trains
SNCF rail agents, Tourism office, Newsagents, Lounge, Lost and found, Car parking, Police station, Tourist Information Point, Currency exchange, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, ATM and Phone cabins.

Learn more

Nearest airport

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport:

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport: Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (Roissy) is located 23 km north of Paris and eases your journey in France and beyond with its own transport hub which provides fast and frequent train services.

Learn more

Paris Bercy

Address: 48, bis boulevard de Bercy 75012 Paris

Paris St Lazare

Address: 13, Rue d'Amsterdam 75008 Paris


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Customer reviews

  • "Honeymoon on Thalys"    
    Great experience.  
  • "business"    
    easy! convenience!  
  • "Comfortable and Spacious Seat "    
    I do like the seat, it is spacious and comfy. However, i do experience poor attitude from the station officer at Leipzig. It is my first time to Europe, first time taking Europe trains and i do not speak english so i need help as to which platform and the train system works but the officer on duty then refuses to help me because he can't speak english. I am disappointed. However, the seat was comfy and the train is clean.  
  • "spectacular views, fair price"    
    The journey was fairly priced for the distance crossing borders. It took us through some spectacular landscapes. The carriage was clean and quite comfortable, but the toilet was a mess from the beginning of the journey and not in the condition I would expect on a TGV train.  
  • "Travel from Montpellier to Par"    
    The trip was easy to book and very easily accomplished.  
  • "Catching the connecting train"    
    We almost failed to catch our connecting train from Bordeaux to Paris. Our first train arrived late and we experienced difficulty in finding our connecting train because there are no proper signs / instructions at the station. At the connecting train, we have to hop on the first car we saw, dragging our luggages, because there's no more time figuring out which car we are supposed to board. The train started moving just in time when we boarded.  
  • "Train stops notification"    
    It was a night train and there's a good change that you will miss your stop if you stay inside your cabin since there's no "silent" alert that would inform the passengers of the next stop. In our case, we just stood near the exit door more than 30min before the scheduled arrival at Lourdes station just to make sure we will not miss our stop.  
  • "Very nice, quick journey"    
    Very nice, fast and comfortable trains. I love travelling by TGV. I live in Lezay, about 50 mins drive from Poitiers so is there a station closer and what is planned for the new train line close to where I live? Also, I don't understand the pricing. My ticket cost 79.50 Euros and the advertising says "from € 20". I have pasted the text from a Google search: Train Poitiers Paris from € 20 - Timetable  
  • "snafu"    
    I was not able to take this train as my passage from Budapest to Munich was halted and terminated at Salzburg Austria  
  • "safe and comfortable"    
    With the TGV , we can save much time in communication.And the seats are quite spacious.Nice interior decor makes the travelers feel at home. It's great to visit different cities by the system.  
  • "Return Trip from Paris to Lond"    
    My return trip from Paris Nord to London on the 3rd Nov '15 schedule 21:15 was delayed for an hour to 22:15 hours. Suggestion: There is heavy congestion at the gate due to the train delay and not enough seats. Waiting passengers had to sit on the floor and it was uncomfortable especially for elderly.  
  • "Monaco to Paris"    
    I thought the entire process was extremely easy to plan and execute. The train was clean, comfortable, and on time. We were a group of 4, no complaints. I'd travel this system again without hesitation.  
  • "Comfortable journey"    
    I had a very comfortable journey.  
  • "no problem to change ticket"    
    we missed the first TGV and got credited our tickets for the next one - simple and easy - very good customer service!  
  • "A Great Way 2 Travel In France"    
    The trains run on time, they're comfortable, the website works well for searching times and booking trips. This was our third trip on TGV in the past year and we'll be sure to use it the next time we're in France. One warning - they allow anyone on the boarding platform at Montparnasse so it is chaos getting to your car, especially if it is at the back of the train. Be sure to give yourself lots of time to fight the crowds if you're departing from Montparnasse.  
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